We Be Fancy : Brunch & Champagne at Park Chow + Our Roof

Last weekend we brunched it up at Park Chow at 9th and Irving in the Inner Sunset. Usually there are a lot of people milling around the sidewalk waiting for a table in the diner-esque restaurant so we called ahead for 1pm. I was really surprised they let us do that, brunch spots usually NEVER take reservations, but kudos to Park Chow for being considerate of customers’ time! Anyways, our adventure began when we got off the N train, walked past some tempting Girl Scout Cookies, and found ourselves milling around in some shade. Of course we were hungry and of course we still had to wait. I am still wondering why the heck SF doesn’t have good restaurants that you can just walk into. Wouldn’t that just be swell, to get up on the weekend and head to brunch without the dread of waiting with about 20 other people just to sit down?

The hostess called our name after about 10-20 minutes and we happily took a table outside under the heaters. The atmosphere was great, brick walls, wood accents, but it was so busy! Kids were running around, the inside was packed, long lines for the bathroom per usual and on top of all of that, they were out of certain dishes and all of the muffins…sigh. Anyway, I ordered a blood orange mimosa, a pancake and the chicken apple sausage omelet. Josh ordered some sort of Benedict as well as a side of chicken sausage. I’m certain people must crowd in here for the homemade chicken apple sausage because that’s just about the only thing at our table of 5 people that stood out as excellent, everything else was okay – but nothing super special.

I’ll spend a tid bit of time praising the homemade chicken apple sausage for it’s yumminess and uniqueness. I’ve had chicken apple sausage at plenty of brunch places but this one stood out because it didn’t seem like it was store bought from whole foods and it definitely wasn’t Aidells brand that some restaurants proudly claim on their menus. It was truly “homemade”. The sausage was shaped into a circular patty, seasoned with some mysteriously delicious combination of spices, maybe curry or something else addictingly yum, and it was moist. It fell apart in your mouth, released savory deliciousness onto your tongue and left you with a non-greasy feeling, which is a super plus when it comes to sausage. It tasted great in my omelet with some cheese and spinach!

As for the rest of the food : meh. Zach wasn’t too happy with his chicken sandwich, my pancake was rather unfluffy and unmoist, Josh’s Benedict was not worth it and Chloe’s French Toast looked burnt. I do hear people just love the gingerbread cake with pumpkin ice cream, but that’s more of a lunch/dinner option. Bottom line is don’t waste your time here for brunch unless you are craving some chicken apple sausage. Otherwise, just go on the weekday because the food is not worth your entire precious weekend morning.

After Park Chow we all headed back to our apartment (emerald lounge!) for a bit of roof mischief. Despite having just had brunch, we felt the need to grab some cheese and bread from the Cheese Co. in Cole Valley. This, accompanied with champagne and Trevor’s suave playlist made for a fancyschmancy gaming afternoon of asshole on the roof (asshole is a card game, fyi!).

Oh yea, all of this was on a Sunday, since Monday was President’s Day. We had a blast and continued our weekend party into the night! Mmm for the chicken apple sausage, cheese and champagne – a girl can never go hungry in this city, that’s for sure. On a side note, I’m quite worried that I am becoming a horrendous food snob…haha, but I will leave that decision to my stomach. He knows best.

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