Some thoughts on the baker’s career

Hello, guys again! As I said before, I am so crazy about cupcakes that I became known as “The Cupcake Girl”. I was so used to this nickname that I did not attach any importance to it. And the other day I was visited by an amusing thought.

Why did I never get the idea of becoming a professional in this field? Just think: I love cakes and sweets, I have a blog about desserts and cooking, all of my social networks are filled with goodies … I am The Cupcake Girl, after all.

Therefore, I decided to conduct my own small investigation in this area and here is what I found. Of course, I started with the average salary of a baker, but more on that later. As a sample, I took a resume from here

It is obvious that the work of a pastry chef requires a lot of effort. But as it turned out, I lack education. It does not matter if you can make delicious cakes and pies at home, but if you want to get a bonus for the salary, you need a certificate.

But most of all I was struck by $ 30,352 of national average salary with a wage range of $ 17,155 – $ 56,377, isn’t it small enough? A good bartender will receive a tip of more than $ 2,296 (which the baker gets) for one weekend.

Summarizing the above, I think I found the answer to the question why I did not become a baker in the end.

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