Hail, Queen of Icing Rosed, the Cupcake Fairy

I used to love, eat, and take pictures of cupcakes so much that I became known as “The Cupcake Girl”. My Grandma, who followed my old blog (full of cupcake and pancake pics), would wonder at my slimness every time I saw her, “But you eat so many cupcakes!”. Yes, yes I did. I ate tons of cupcakes and I still do (if there is a worthy bakery around – I’ve become more selective). I have sampled NY, LA, Louisville, Portland, Cincy, Cupertino and San Fran cupcakes – I feel as though I am a cupcake connoisseur. If there is a new bakery nearby with cupcakes – I MUST TRY ONE – it is my duty.

I don’t know where this love of mine came from. I think it was back in NY while I was on my first co-op living in my first bigger-than-Cincinnati-city where things like “cupcakeries” actually existed. This was back when cupcake popularity was picking up speed and I just jumped right on that train. Who doesn’t love the sensation of biting into a fluffy, creamy, dense mound of flavorfully buttery sugar?

Anyway, I’ll keep this short and sweet. I LOVE CUPCAKES. So I drew this cupcake queen, fairy, girl. She’s pretty cool, hanging out in front of that bakery there – blessing it with her sprinkles and bottomless supply of pink frosting. What if you could grow pink buttercream instead of hair? That would be kinda gross, but I bet if you were a little girl, that sort of thing would be undeniable awesome. Oh, and it would be calorie-less – since it’s magical and stuff.

In case this made you crave le cupcake – here are my favorites :

CINCINNATI : (As if anyone will be travelling here…)
This cake and icing was so dense and so good, but really quite sugary! So make sure your tooth is really craving it.

SUGAR CUPCAKERY – mini Lime Coconut
It’s the perfect bite size and the most surprising taste. Everything is organic blah blah, but this little gem of a concoction is worth the trip to Milford. My friend Sarah had them cater her wedding! It really was adorable. Some of their flavors disappoint – others are great. I think the fruity kinds may be their strong point.

My Mom’s kitchen – hehe

SPRINKLES : Chai Latte Cupcake
mmm. I will never understand how they get their icing so perfect! It may be cliche to like Sprinkles, but I fell in love. I also love their milk chocolate cupcake.

This is a cute lil bakery in SOMA with lots of creative flavors and the best part : they come in mini sizes – in cups! Paper cups! It keeps the cupcake so moist! I love it. I need to try making cupcakes in cups.

This tops the list as my MOST FAVORITE CUPCAKE to date. After 6 years in various cities trying every cupcake in site – I have landed on my love. I like the simplicity of the vanilla – it really lets me savor the moist cake and the perfect buttercream icing. Find the truck. Now.

CRUMBS (NY & more) : too big, too dry.
AMERICAN CUPCAKERY (SF) : The icing is like liquid and the cake falls apart, in a bad way.
GIGI’S CUPCAKES (KY) : Large sugar poison bomb. Even for me – WAY too much icing.
ABBY GIRL SWEETS (Cincy) : meh. You can find these at Kroger or make them via Duncan Hines Box mix.

I still have more bakeries to explore in this wonderful city of San Fran, so I’ll keep this list updated! I’ll also revisit my favorites and post on them in the future.

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