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About Me : Amanda Appiarius

My website address is: http://butteryaffair.com.

Hello & Here’s a Tidbit (paragraphs, actually) About Myself! Bonjour friends, family, food lovers, art-lovers, visualizers, chocolate-fiends, and butter advocates.

My name is Amanda, last name Appiarius (ah-pear-eee-us). I am a 24 year old living on Haight St. in SF as a designer and lover of all things visual and edible.

While my official career title is Lead Visual Designer at Mom Trusted, my unofficial career consists of freelance illustration, foodie photography, and blogging. My best-friend (boyfriend Josh) and I just moved from my hometown in Cincinnati to San Francisco about a year ago. We’re in love and we can’t take our eyes off the city we live in and all of the delicious food it provides. To me, cities are defined by food – food indicates culture, quality, care, and describes one way in which the population defines pleasure. San Franciscans love weekend brunch. They love it so much that they will spend 2 hours on a Saturday sipping Blue Bottle Coffee in a line of anxious, hungry comrades just so they can get that perfect slice of thick, Challah french toast – this I love! I’m one of those people waiting in line, a foodie. We seem so populous now, but who can blame us? Food is gorgeous, makes our mouth water, entices us with it’s scents and irresistible flavors. Food deserves my time. But, as an impatient personality type (enneagram 7) who is always looking forward to the next thing, it took me a while to realize that I needed to slow down and enjoy the food right in front of me. Over the past couple years I’ve discovered mindfulness – now I arrange bites perfectly on my fork, I chew slow, I think about what’s going on with flavors rather than where we’ll go after we pay the check. This has made me love food even more! As for Buttery Affair – I hope it becomes a place to truly appreciate food – the textures, the shapes, the colors, and the way it brings people together.

Illustration is my meditation, photography is my journal, and design exercises my skills and challenges my mind. I feel so lucky to live in a city where start-ups and designers thrive. I’m at home here where I can design during the day and draw at night and make a living doing what I grew up loving to do. I used to draw horses 24/7 as a grade-schooler. My true passion stems from that, the beauty I found in horses, it all lies in the geometry and movement of heavy line art, in the gracefulness of it all. While I would love to find myself illustrating for a living, I can’t help but to be happy with my design career and all of its challenges. I spent a year at sneakpeeq where I designed their website, iphone app and ipad app – never have I felt so accomplished! Now I work at Mom Trusted, another start-up that is answering unavoidable questions for parents. Where do I send my children to learn? Who can I trust? Mom Trusted is tackling that problem and tons more through social media by providing parents an accessible platform to connect with childcare (preschools, nannies, etc). I love what this company is doing because it’s truly essential to nurture future generations – I switched jobs because this mission spoke to my heart…corny, I know – but I can’t deny it.

As for the simpler things : I love the seasons and Halloween pumpkins, skimming cookbooks, listening to soundtracks and re-reading Lord of the Rings. I sing, I write, and I can’t wait to move into a house with a backyard. Horses are my oldest love, I find sanctuary in stables, and I’m waiting for the income to buy my very own horse since I’ve spent my life riding everyone else’s. I’ve been identified by cupcakes, pink hair, blue hair, and as the girl with the Harry Potter-esque last name. I am too nostalgic for my own good but I can’t seem to stop thinking about the future – What’s for dinner tonight? My Dad quotes that I’ve been asking that question since I could speak – I guess that’s a true testament to my epicurean nature.

Deeper than all of that I am a girl constantly searching for myself (changing her hair color, her illustration style, her job!). I have a picture of who I want to be and I am always striving to make it there. Sometimes this is good : motivation, ambition – other times I stress myself out with worry and even cause myself stomach issues via my uncontrollable anxiety. One major thing I have been struggling with is weight. What a surprise? A young girl struggling with weight and self image? I will probably address this issue a lot – how I deal with it, how I strive to be healthier and how I sometimes fail then pick myself back up. Will power and self control are my most important goals, in all aspect of my life!

About the Blog, A Buttery Affair I have always loved to express myself and so here it all is : my food, my illustrations, my thoughts, and tid-bits of things centering around my goal of leading a productive and mindful lifestyle. Originally this blog was meant to be about baking and only baking (I was trying to target you foodies out there). While having a limited audience and goal is great and all that, I was compelled to talk about and show much more than that. If I had to set a direction for the blog I would say it’s all about indulgence and moderation. It’s a Buttery Affair out there, slippery they say, going out your door. You step onto the road and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to. Hehe, okay, credit to Bilbo Baggins, but anyway, you get the point! Life is full of butter, riches, happiness, challenges, trails, anxiety, dreams and unknown destinations, it really is quite an affair and I want to talk about it in a beautifully visual way.

A Buttery Affair

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