Hail, Queen of Icing Rosed, the Cupcake Fairy

I used to love, eat, and take pictures of cupcakes so much that I became known as “The Cupcake Girl”. My Grandma, who followed my old blog (full of cupcake and pancake pics), would wonder at my slimness every time I saw her, “But you eat so many cupcakes!”. Yes, yes I did. I ate tons of cupcakes and I still do (if there is a worthy bakery around – I’ve become more selective). I have sampled NY, LA, Louisville, Portland, Cincy, Cupertino and San Fran cupcakes – I feel as though I am a cupcake connoisseur. If there is a new bakery nearby with cupcakes – I MUST TRY ONE – it is my duty. Continue reading

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