Some thoughts on the baker’s career

Hello, guys again! As I said before, I am so crazy about cupcakes that I became known as “The Cupcake Girl”. I was so used to this nickname that I did not attach any importance to it. And the other day I was visited by an amusing thought.

Why did I never get the idea of becoming a professional in this field? Just think: I love cakes and sweets, I have a blog about desserts and cooking, all of my social networks are filled with goodies … I am The Cupcake Girl, after all.

Therefore, I decided to conduct my own small investigation in this area and here is what I found. Of course, I started with the average salary of a baker, but more on that later. As a sample, I took a resume from here

It is obvious that the work of a pastry chef requires a lot of effort. But as it turned out, I lack education. It does not matter if you can make delicious cakes and pies at home, but if you want to get a bonus for the salary, you need a certificate.

But most of all I was struck by $ 30,352 of national average salary with a wage range of $ 17,155 – $ 56,377, isn’t it small enough? A good bartender will receive a tip of more than $ 2,296 (which the baker gets) for one weekend.

Summarizing the above, I think I found the answer to the question why I did not become a baker in the end.

Hail, Queen of Icing Rosed, the Cupcake Fairy

I used to love, eat, and take pictures of cupcakes so much that I became known as “The Cupcake Girl”. My Grandma, who followed my old blog (full of cupcake and pancake pics), would wonder at my slimness every time I saw her, “But you eat so many cupcakes!”. Yes, yes I did. I ate tons of cupcakes and I still do (if there is a worthy bakery around – I’ve become more selective). I have sampled NY, LA, Louisville, Portland, Cincy, Cupertino and San Fran cupcakes – I feel as though I am a cupcake connoisseur. If there is a new bakery nearby with cupcakes – I MUST TRY ONE – it is my duty. Continue reading

We Be Fancy : Brunch & Champagne at Park Chow + Our Roof

Last weekend we brunched it up at Park Chow at 9th and Irving in the Inner Sunset. Usually there are a lot of people milling around the sidewalk waiting for a table in the diner-esque restaurant so we called ahead for 1pm. I was really surprised they let us do that, brunch spots usually NEVER take reservations, but kudos to Park Chow for being considerate of customers’ time! Anyways, our adventure began when we got off the N train, walked past some tempting Girl Scout Cookies, and found ourselves milling around in some shade. Continue reading

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